Most frequent questions and answers

Yes. This can be done through our mobile application, via email to info@hallmarkhmo.com and such request can come through the company (client) Human Resources Manager.

Yes, you can enjoy medical coverage using the hospital list on the mobile application to navigate hospital nearest to you. Alternatively, you can call the customer care line at the back of your medical ID card

Through feedback from enrollees either immediately after receiving care rating the hospital on the mobile application or receipt of mail from us confirming treatment received during the last visit to the hospital.

You can choose any hospital for each member of your family, but it must be from the list of hospitals within our network.

Health insurance policies are not transferable from one insured to another.

You can notify us of the loss of the card and request for a replacement. You will, however, need to pay the sum of One Thousand naira (=N=1,000.00) only for the ID card replacement.

Yes, this is acceptable. The premium to be paid by each of them will depend on their existing/prevailing health condition. You may contact our customer care centre for further enquiry.

Yes, but the hospital must meet our minimum requirements as stipulated by the NHIA (National Health Insurance Authority).

To find out more about your benefits, download the mobile app and follow the prompts.

Download the Hallmark HMO app from the Play store or App store and fill in the required details