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24/7 Support: 0700 HALLMARKHMO (0700 42556275466)

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24/7 Support: 0700 HALLMARKHMO (0700 42556275466)

Hallmark Health Services Limited (Hallmark HMO), a subsidiary of Consolidated Hallmark Insurance Plc a company quoted on the Nigerian Stock Exchange. We are a National HMO with a paid-up share capital of 500 Million Naira licensed by NHIS.

We have presence in the Six geopolitical zones of Nigeria with 13 offices. To guarantee our service delivery, we have a crop of seasoned and well-tested professionals that have a combined work experience of over 154 cumulative years in various fields of operation.

A participatory management that empowers middle level staff to take quick and qualitative decisions. And a fully automated system that ensures efficiency and exibility.